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So I was on call last night and had the day off today. Spent the time working on the M3. For me, spending time tinkering on my cars in the mancave is such nice down time.

Gave myself plenty of room to work:

Proper set-up and prep is key to any successful project:

Driver side fitment was off by just a hair compared to the passenger side. Needed more reinforcement and a little more Betalink. BTW, if I had used tape instead of the Betalink, I would have been stuck with the fitment the instant I put everything on. The betalink not only gives you a better final product, but allows you the ability to play with the positioning to get it perfect. Do it right or leave to someone else.

Now the waiting. Will keep it this way overnight. You all know what the finished product looks like anyway.

yeah baby !!! >>>>
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