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Originally Posted by Bemve View Post
Why do you want to compare when you already stated that your car is faster??
picture this 2 cars both 0-60 4.8!!! think of them as a subaru sti and a e92 335...well do you think the suspension, chassis, engine, weight balance, aero, exhaust note, turbo spool, turbo lag, other general noise, optimum shift points..hell i didn't even mention one's a coupe and ones a 4dr and the differences are huge..ones a twin turbo 6 and ones a flat single turbo 4 banger.the sti sounds so loud and annoying because of super thin glass and crappy frame less windows esp compared to the e92. hell the difference between driving an e92 and an e90 are big on the road and track...there are millions of different variables to achieve the speed the way the car does...and this was between 2 car with forced induction!!!

imagine taking an NA up against a FI car.. again both with 300hp differences are huge!!!! it is not the top speed or the's how it gets you there!! how does the car feel braking, accelerating, and cornering. is it spooling or is it a v8 snarl!!!

so do you see why now?
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