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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
OP - the conversion would be very expensive and time consuming. Plus, do you or any shop you know familiar enough with such a unique conversion request? If not, even more so you should not do it. Recommend you sell the car, and start a new with a 2013 6MT.

Btw, I had the same reaction to using a DCT for a couple months. I really wanted to like it, but was bored at the end. Although, the DCT is the "better" transmission technically (speed, smoothness, etc. etc.), but it doesn't make me smile as much.
When i test drove the car with DCT before placing my order, it didn't impresse me at all, perhaps, i knew i was going to get bored with it very soon or i am just a stick shift guy. Nonetheless, sure it is a great transmission.

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