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Advice Needed: Moving to Dallas

Fellow members,

I will be relocating to Dallas next month for my job and I could use some advice. For reference, I will be living in an apartment in the downtown/uptown areas until I can get a feel for the city. Plus being able to walk to work will be convenient.

1) The relatively high crime rate has me somewhat concerned (being from Kansas, I have been lucky and have never really had to deal with this before). The apartment complex that I will be living in for the first year or so has an underground gated parking garage with security cameras. Should I be worried about my M3 being parked in the garage? Parked on the street somewhere? Etc? Should I worry about my car being vandalized? Wheels stolen? Broken in to? What precautions can I take to minimize this risk? (other than the obvious don't leave valuables in your car, etc.)

2) I have done some research on emissions testing and I have found that cars needs to get inspected/smog tested every 2 years. Is this correct? I have a catless x-pipe on my car right now and am wondering if I should remove it before I move down there. The problem is that I really enjoy the added power and sound :

3) What BMW dealer has the best service department? Will they hassle me for any minor mods (x-pipe, etc.) or are some rather friendly? I have a great relationship with my SA here in Kansas and so I do not have any problems here. He takes great care of me. Any recommendations for a good SA in DFW?

4) Also what are some fun things to do in Dallas? I am completely new to the city so I could use some help here.

I apologize for the lengthy post. Thank you for your help!