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Good for you for knowing you're uncomfortable in a situation and doing something about it. In my experience , it always seemed like the more people in the group, the bigger the drop in everyone's IQ .This was just as true when I'd go for a group ride on my motorcycle. Its one thing to have fun, its another to just be stupid. The last time I was involved in something like that , it was only about 20 minutes before I faded back and turned around to go home.I got a call the next day from a friend telling me that 2 of the pack were arrested for speed over 120mph and one guy wrecked and was in the Hospital.While I'm no Jenson Button, I know I can drive. But I have nothing to prove on the streets.There's just too much to lose I'd much rather prove my driving on a track , where a little trash talking with your friends can be a fun thing.