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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I am so surprised that being new to this site but it's the very first one which has in-house fighting among fellow BWM owners, in this case M3 vs 335i.

It's a change for the norm on other sites which is arguments on either BMW vs Audi or BMW vs Mercedes.

Who really cares if a modded 335i is quicker than an M3, all this gets you is bragging rights down at the local pub, it's childish guys. As someone already stated a modded car is always quicker than stock but some people like myself don't want or wouldn't have a modified car for one reason or another and I am happy with my slower but most stylish M3.
The best part is the same 335i owners who proud themselves having a better car than the new M3 vehemently diss the 135i. Even though it embodies the same attributes that they claim makes the 335i better car than m3, affordability and modibility. Twisted, isn't it.