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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Let me respond to your added comment here.

You say "stock-for-stock" then go on to add a "chipped" 335i time is needed to compare.
You can't even keep it straight.

Exactly what point are you trying to make?
Whatever. I'm not going to argue further, M3 fan's will buy the M3 and if they are happy great, anyone interested in the truth of the performance will seek it out.

I though the chipped was assumed, apple-for-apples meant similarly equipped actual OTD prices stock, thus it was only on the price line. Anyway, when one gets down to arguing grammar and semantics in a thread, yes we have thread meltdown.

The point I was making was agreeing with your edit of e36jakeo's post:

"but at its $40-50K price point the MODDED 335i is for sure the all-around performance coupe/4-door champ."