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Exclamation Arkym and PYSpeed 0.1/10 *AVOID*

I have been receiving a lot of PM's the last few months about whether or not Arkym and PYSpeed made up for their f up.. Short answer: NOPE.

A lot of you know what happened and a lot of you don't, if you want to do some research the links can found in the same section as this. Some of you didn't agree with me and others did, in the end it doesn't matter to me because I wanted to make my case known and if I even stopped one buyer from purchasing an Arkym item I am very happy.

Arkym, we know you are still out their in your facility making crap hoods and bumpers (gotta admit your front lips aren't bad - even then only 50% of the time they seem to be a 80%+ fit). Ever since SEMA you guys knew the initial plan was to take me for every cent and not get me a new hood or give me a refund. Even when somebody on this forum agreed to leave his car there for a whole day, somebody I don't even know in person, somebody who would have gained nothing but would have still helped you guys regain your rep by showing your hoods have 'perfect fitment', and for all those are wondering who it is, he can make himself known if he so wishes but you all know him as a vendor and somebody who doesn't do bad business, never once.

You even tried offering me a front bumper and the funniest thing is, after shipping + paint I would have been in for over $1000! You think I would even want to put another Arkym product on my car after this hood?

PYSpeed, before you decide to come in here and defend yourselves like last time please just understand that BS will not be taken lightly from here on in. I posted a very small selection of emails last time ( and people got to see the truth, this time I will not hesitate to post the whole set, that's not a threat, that's a promise. You guys gave me the run around with Arkym for the longest time and the last phone encounter I had with you guys went a little something like this;

** the old regular conversation of hey, how are ya etc etc.. then.. *

ME: Bobby if you send me over the shipping label tomorrow, I will send it back to you guys, and it should arrive right when I do, can I come to the shop to get my refund and you guys can inspect it when I'm there to ensure we're both satisfied?
BOBBY: Sorry, only the manager deals with giving refunds and he's on holiday. (Isn't convenient that whenever an issue arises these managers always seem to be on holiday? Why would the manager even go on holiday during one of the busiest times of the year, black Friday? Christmas?)
ME: Umm, OK, why is that? Every department has their own head officer, you can take my $$ but not refund it? Seems strange but anyways, just out of curiosity when will he be back?
BOBBY: Oh, the 1st of December so you will have come and gone by then.
ME: Bobby, that's Saturday, I will be there the following Tuesday so he will be back 100%?
BOBBY: Umm, yes sure he will be back, we will see what we can do.

Never seen anyone hang up the phone so quickly.

** end of call **

I have no hope of getting anything out of this, as it has literally been 6+ months, Arkym never even made an account to defend themselves, and PYSpeed is still a PYJoke.

There is another story I had with PYSpeed, when I received my rims from them there was a bend on the inside, they asked for pictures of boxes and all this other nonsense but by then the boxes were already destroyed (not that they were damaged upon arrival anyways as I wouldn't have accepted delivery). I had to pay out of pocket to get that issue fixed too.

I just wanted to update the community on my story because I don't want people getting trapped like I did. Anyone can say what they want, the only thing I know is from this point on they can reimburse my $$ (which I doubt will happen) but they can never replace my time which is priceless.

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