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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
The solution to the US healthcare situation/reform is actually VERY SIMPLE. Yes, you read correctly. It is VERY SIMPLE. It requires making only ONE DECISION. Once decison is made, EVERYTHING ELSE will fall into place, I guarantee it. Until, this one decision is made, nothing will ever be resolved.

The decision is this:

Is health care in the US going to be a capitalistic enterprise, like any other profit driven industry, or is it a basic right of all citizens? Answer this one question, and the remainder of the path will define itself.

It can be both, but you still need firm boundries. For instance, a certain level of basic care can be available through the government, but beyond that you need to pay out of pocket or through private inusrance plans. Again, you are left with one thing to decide....WHERE IS THIS BOUNDRY?

However, until you determine the capitalistic enterprise vs. basic right distinction, be it all, nothing or some very specific point in between, nothing will ever be resolved.

There is also no right answer to this question. You just have to pick a way and commit to it. The problem with a lot of policy making in the US is that we are such a heterogenous society and we are trying to be all things to all people. The US has been around for 226 years. It's time to determine the "American Way", and go with it. All cultures will have to sacrifice a little of their individuality, but any successful enterprise, including building a new country, requires cohesiveness in beliefs. So, the US needs to take the good aspects of all cultures from the melting pot that it is, and commit to one way of doing things. This will be the new "American Way", but it will also require people to be able to give up some of their cultural individuality. I am still not certain why people find this concept so hard.

very well put.
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