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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
I knew this was coming...

What if your Klout score — that controversial measure of your “influence” on social networks — determined whether you got a job? What if hiring managers combed through online data metrics trying to determine your work ethic? What if you needed a certain score on the job market equivalent of your SATs to even be considered for a new position?

Reppify — a startup based in San Francisco — provides an online dashboard for recruiters and HR departments that seeks to make this a reality. The company pulls data not only from LinkedIn’s business-centric social network, but also from Facebook, Twitter, and even GitHub profiles, building what it calls a “job fit score.” A hiring manager might need a new Java developer, and Reppify will look across a candidate’s resume and connections to build scores for “reputation,” “influence,” “footprint,” and “overall candidacy” — all based on parameters set by the hiring manager himself.

The Reppify dashboard
Hiring managers may appreciate the service. But for job seekers, it could be a disturbing thought — not only because they’re being judged by a web application, but because the service is pooling information about them from so many different sources. In a conversation with Wired, Reppify CEO Chirag Nangia downplayed the importance of the metrics, saying he sees this data as only “part of the hiring process.” And he pointed out that Reppify only shares private information about you with its clients if you give Reppify permission. But the app toes the line of what federal regulations allow.
Fuckin realllllly hate where this world is going....