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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
G-Power must be full of morons then. They were negligent and incompetent by not testing their softwae as they should and therefore allowed 4 M3s to blow thier motors. But hey, any monkey can develop a S/C right Jon. What makes it worst it that G-Power has been in the business, what? 20 years or so? Blowing 4 custumer's car should not be taken lightly, especially when the product was first released. I bet it was a great feeling to have the car in a shop for 4 months...sorry not 4, it was 5 months.

I say all this because you act as if the issue you had with G-Power was cool, your attitude comes off as "it's cool, I paid $15k for the S/C, it blew my motor within 2 months, it took G-Power 4 months to fix it, but G-Power is great either way, yay!!!!!" That shit was not cool at all nor Do I wish anybody to go through such headaches. Yet you wanna bash and make assumptions on other S/C companies, such as design and tunning. Ironic, isn't?

Anybody can develop a S/C? G-Power couldn't. And the fact that they supposedly fixed it does not okay the 4 blown customer cars.
Thats G-power's problem not mine. Besides I said any decent tuner never said G-power had a good one thats why they are changing their tuner. I'm not assuming shit its history all the other companies have blown motors at some point its part of the game just do your research maybe not an S65 but at some point they have blow something. At least G-power backed it up (eventually) alot of the customers that had problems with the other companies usually got a boot in the ass.Also I don't see where I bashed any other companies either so check your self.

Originally Posted by bigpuna View Post
Any decent tuner ? dont see it being that hard ? I wonder why experienced BMW tuners like AA and VF have yet to figure it out. And I wonder why if it is so easy to tune this car with FI G-Power blew motors in several M3's including yours ! The fact that you blew a motor with a supercharger installed on it from a "decent tuner" and you post comments like this make you look like an idiot, or you just have a very selective memory. Im sure you have more knowledge of how FI works on the E90 M3 then ESS does.
AA / VF have had thier cars running for a while I have no idea why they haven't released it yet but like I said they've blown their share of motors so maybe they're being extra cautious especially after hearing a tuner like G-power blowing them I would be too. I never said its easy to tune the car I said any decent tuner that means someone with adequate knowlege in these thing not some half brain building their first kit. And G-power fucked up thats their problem I don't work for them so I don't care if you have problems with G-power oh well alot of people have problems have ESS maybe you should talk to them and help them figure out their problems instead of talking to me about it.

Also if ESS is so great where are their figures? I'm not talking about Dynos I'm talking actual 1/4 mile & 60-130 data, something usefull all they have are dyno sheets and pics yet they brag about having a bunch of their cars running their kits all over the place for like months in the arizona heat blah blah well then post something worth talking about up . I would have if my car kept working for sure but thats G-powers problem they gotta deal with that mess they created. Gintani has had their kit running on their development car but the owner is pretty busy and doesn't have alot of time to go to the track it was only 1 car up until last week when the 2nd one was done so expect their figures next week from Famoso. Is ESS gonna be there?? Any other FI companies ? Strokers ? I hope so, So we can see more then just pretty Dyno sheets.