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Originally Posted by Rom3n View Post
Do you really think that hardware design and tuning has nothing to do with how effecient a supercharger kit is ? You cant just slap a bunch of parts together make a generic tune and think that it does not matter because the kit you have will always make the same power as the next guy because you use the same blower and you run it at the same boost. If two different kits running the same blower at the same boost were compared head to head on the same fuel I guarantee the kit with superior tuning and hardware design will always make more power.
Of course any decent tuner can tune a kit to be on par with your kit you're not exactly miracle workers. And of course hardware design is also important but unless the other company building it are complete morons I don't see that that being too hard I mean your kit isn't that complex design wise, you didn't exactly re-invent the wheel bud.