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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
lay off the evo shit. We get it already. now GTFO lol

$300 turbo back exhaust??? Um please show me where unless this is southern backwoods home made straight pipe. Tune and Labor for 700??? what do you charge 20 bucks an hour lol???

Anyways on another thread I saw jon martin put down like 440hp at the wheels and caculated it to be almost 600 at the crank. Am I right jon? That actually sounds like the power band I would be looking for. Now that I think about it, a 500 hp stroker Ill be lucky to put down 400 at the wheels. I also saw niteriders video on another forum where he runs a GT2! Good lord.

Quick Question! Of all the Supercharger designs, I have been looking at the intake system. Im curious between the Gintani or the GPower which one is the quietest. Anyone know?
sorry man, i just don't get why you would be so willing to throw so much money away on what amounts to only minor gains.

here is an 120 dollar exhaust for the evo (plus 80 for shipping) so iguess your right. its only 200
i've installed many of these exhausts, they are actually better then most of the high end crap. its a true 3" stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust that fits properly. i have one of the most expensive exhausts you can buy on my evo, and i've had to have all the hangers welded back on, the muffler welded back together, and i believe the internals of the muffler are falling apart.

actually my rates run out to be around 100 dollars an hour. installing cams takes 2 hours, the manifold and o2 housing stuff takes 2 hours, intercooler pipes, intake, and intercooler an hour, and exhaust about an hour. fuel pump and injectors are maybe 30 minutes. i can have it all done in one evening if you want so as a shop owner, i know your getting raped on price

funny thing is, the kit i bet has a common piston in it (wiseco, JE, mahle maybe) made to spec... which can be purchased for roughly 100-150 per piston. rods same thing. crank i would imagine is from another OEM BMW engine, but its possible they had one manufactured specifically for this.

but hey, i guess if your willing to spend 900 dollars on a dinan air filter which is the same as the AMSoil filter i use which was 50 dollars, i can see why you can justify 26k....
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