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This Esquire.

Originally Posted by uniter View Post
This product adds to the benefits of the subframe mounts, NVH in either setup is controlled largely by your subframe bushings and sound deadening (which are not to be coughed at.) Are they 'racecar' noises? No, you can't hear them. Sometimes people hear a very faint high pitched whine when decelerating from the differential only with the music off and the windows up. When your exhaust isn't doing anything...

Where this differs from the solid subframe bushings is that it adds on top of them and bolts onto your rear differential, the stock differential is mounted in 3 points,
two smaller bushings and one large rear offset bushing. This doesn't spread forces across the subframe of the car, what the brace does is positively locks the differential to the subframe with two polyurethane bushings on either end of the differential, providing more surface area for the forces exerted on the differential to spread out and keeping it from twisting.