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Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
Do you guys this that the brace puts too much stress on the differential ?
It's actually quite the opposite. Unwanted movement results in breakage, people having bolts shear off is case and point. Although they utilize a much weaker arrangement of components, the N54 crowd breaks propeller shafts,half shafts and other related pieces because the execute the same odd 3-point mounting strategy and the adverse affects that creates.The kit I devised for the N54 version of this chassis does exactly the same thing with plenty of success, It's the difference in the M subframe that resulted in the solution being executed in a different manner.
I'm aware that this is a much more discerning crowd.. All the testing to date has yielded very positive results in solving the issues in this situation, and then some. It really hasn't presented any negative drawbacks whatsoever. Several more cars are being fitted locally before they'll be available for shipping/purchase anywhere. When the tracks open, data will be collected and when I'm happy with it, I'll consider replicating in higher volumes,although I've always been distasteful of the idea of things not being completely in my hands. I'm sure that those receiving the next run will post their impressions on the product, and things will progress from there if my own and everyone else's standards are met/exceeded. I refuse to release anything sub-par, which a little time,data and feedback will certainly prove.