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In May of 2011 I went out and got a e90, shortly after i was on this forum complaining about how there was some sort of mechanical error and he engine was replaced under 500 miles, shortly after i had the car for a full year, i got the same exact message a few months ago, car wouldnt drive and again was flat bedded into the nearest dealership, they were unable to figure out what went wrong although the computer did show them there was an issue. I got the car back and it was running like new again. that was strike number 2. just before hurricane sandy hit the east coast last weekend i noticed i had a coolant leak, and again, the M went to the dealer for repair. now at the end of the day i understand that there are bound to be some problems seeing as how it is afterall a machine, so ive kept a cool head about it all and let the warranty take care of everything. im telling you all this story because i am curious to see if you all think i should use the lemon law to get out of this problematic vehicle. thoughts anyone? id love to hear everyones input or experiences with a situation like this.