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I’m not going to bore you on all the info and don’t really feel like leaving a long review but you can always PM me and I’ll send you more info on each car and let you know what you will be missing or not missing from the e9x M3.

I’ve had a 2005 M5 (worst car ever), 2 X5s, 2015 stingray, 2017 Z06, 2011 1M, 2016 M3, 2018 Jeep Trackhawk, and 3 e92 M3s. I’ve had other vehicles as well but they aren’t as relavent.

For the past month I’ve been trying to keep myself away from ordering an M2 Competition because I HATED the 2016 M3. For some reason I think i’m going to find it more pleasurable then the current M3/4 but deep down I know that nothing is going to beat any of the e92s I’ve had. The only car I feel you will find as enjoyable for the price is another e9x. I’m also looking at a few V8 Vantage’s and am hoping that it will give me what I miss from the e92s If I end up with one.

***Edit*** I also day dream about what is next in the realm of the e92 for the price range up to $100k. The body is starting to look dated but I’m not feeling the styling of many of the new cars in my price range these days either. IDK what to do...V8 Vantage and mod it to give it more power may be my only answer.

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