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Originally Posted by Asiann
I believe the University of Hawaii has an MBA program as well as University of Phoenix. The scenery is nice but can get old if you don't like going to the beach and water sports. The city is all about tourism and everyone seems to work downtown. If I were a single guy I would probably live in Waikiki and get a furnished condo for like $1500 a month. You could walk to the beach and all of the entertainment is within walking distance. Schools are not that far away either. Well if you have some questions just let me know and I will be happy to answer. I will even come pick you up from the airport as a fellow E90 member.

thanks for the info man! dammnnnn i gotta go to hawaii i guess, its been my dream
i have to decide by early next year if i wanna go to hawaii for my MBA, i'm looking forward to hawaii though..i could use a new environment
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