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The 335i doesn't add much from what I've seen. :ducks and runs: Blasphemy? No. Not impressed (besides, isn't it the old engine?). Thats why when so many are drooling over the 335i, i'm saying wait for the M3.

Another thing that may be cool is to try to fit the 335's turbo with the N52 engine we have. the engine is lighter and newer, we may produce more power.

By the way, S/C kits for the 350z are already out and used, i'm sure you're aware, but thats a point to consider - its not in the future, you can do it now.

Originally Posted by aapriadi
ah thanks everyone! i definitely love the 350z better than the g35, no idea why hahaha! the fairlady looks chubbier and sexier too
the thing is i already done some mods to my e90, everything will be done in september hopefully...i may sell the e90 to a bmw-lover or give this car to my sister in santa clara then purchase the 350z...or i might sell it asap if i find a good deal
buttttt.....i've heard about superchargers being developed for the e90...i think imma stop modding and save up...who knows by next year i can get the 335i instead of the 350z
oh if any of you know someone who wanna sell their 350z preferably with low mileage, pls pm me! thanks!