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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
I'd like to insist that if you have nothing positive to add or to do with my cause then please refrain from commenting. I'm not here to start a war but rather finish a battle. If you are trying to be a negative Sam over the internet and through your computer screen then I suggest you do it to somebody else because I'm sorry that you guys lack integrity and would just let a corporate company walk over you.

I'm standing up for the little guy in all of this, myself.
I hope this isn't directed at me. I am just trying to understand your position.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to stand up for myself if a company didn't do right by me. But it's not clear to me what your aim is.

It seems that you want to warn others off of these companies, and I appreciate the heads-up.

But then you just seem to be ranting with no real tangible objective and I am worried that your message is getting lost in what seems to be blind rage.