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Originally Posted by Dre01SS View Post
Haha yeah you did Definitely check out different boxes in the area, and figure out which one is the best fit for you. Ask about the programming they do (mainsite, or custom) and get a feel for the atmosphere. Those two are the biggest differentiators for the CF gyms.

The one other great aspect, the community. It's a whole different world within it...

And for those that think all we do is HIIT and Cardio, this is my favorite way to show how we are different:
Unfortunately there is only one box that is convenient for me. The rest are simply too far and out of the way to fit it into my busy schedule. I've passed the box near me 1000s of times, but never gave it a seconds thought. Never looked into crossfit before now actually, and it fits my 'style' of workout very well. Most people at my gym look at me like I'm crazy with my workouts, running in and out the door doing sprints and what-not.

What really put me over the edge was I do handstand pushups twice a week and my manager (I'm a trainer, or rep counter as crossfit puts it HAHA) came to me and told me to stop as the janitor was tired of cleaning the marks my sweaty socks left on the metal wall. How fucking lame, it's a gym, it's his job to clean, get over it. /rant

That video was cool, the intro was funny and I see that kind of 'working out' everyday.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.