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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
I don't see anyone of the M3 owners saying the "M3 was not in manual mode otherwise it would have pulled even harder"??

There is far stronger and iron clad evidence of M3 running in automatic mode than the IS-F since tapping a paddle is barely noticeable by any camera that is not focused on the hands.

Tanner was braking torquing the hell out of the IS-F as was noticeable by tires even squealing even before the hands dropped. As far as I remember, Tanner was talking about picking the right gear to start from in rolling race. That does not seem automatic mode to me.

Guess how do I know M3 was running in automatic mode the entire time?? Well, Tracy was using the launch control system and the launch control can only be activated in automatic mode.

p.s. In Best Motoring, Tsuchiya San actually ran back to back in sedan and coupe. He lapped the sedan actually faster than the coupe. The performance difference is zero.
Referring to the bolded portion, that is not at all true. You can only engage LC by putting the car is S6 (highest shifting mode in manual mode).

On an somewhat related note, does anyone know when this episode will be posted online or air on tv next? Kicking myself right now for not taping it...