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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
Thanks for noting the road course is indeed a driver's race. People who didn't understand racing at all wouldn't have comprehended that way.

But you are misinformed on the torque comment that ISF would have beaten the M3:

if ISF can't beat C63, it's not going to beat M3 DCT.
Well I think his point was that the 60 MPH roll race is tailored for the M3 and not the ISF because of the way each car is geared. If the ISF had to start in 3rd gear well out of the powerband at 60, it's clear why the M3 would obviously win.

Here's an ISF vs C63 (both are slightly modded, I don't know what the effects of the mods are so I'm going to assume they are similar) from a roll that I just found on youtube, for example -

Loses to the C63 obviously but it's not rape. The difference here is I'm sure the ISF owner asked for a roll race where he was able to start at the beginning of his powerband (probably 40 or 45 roll in 2nd gear if I had to guess, but I don't know).

But then of course the question is - what about the C63? Was that roll race ideal for the C63? I don't know, I'm not familiar with the ISF nor the C63, but I am very familiar with the concept of cars offering optimal roll acceleration from very well defined MPHs depending on gearing/powerband.

This is why in the world of roll racing it's customary and appropriate to always do a minimum of 2 roll races, one on each racer's terms (ex. one person might ask for a 45 roll while the other might ask for a 60 roll due to the way each respective car is geared).

And, not surprisingly, if car 1 asked for the 45 roll and assuming both car 1 and car 2 are similar, car 1 usually ends up winning the 45 roll. If car 2 asked for the 60 roll, car 2 usually ends up winning the 60 roll, because each owner is well aware of the optimum roll point (MPH) for their car that leads to optimal acceleration.