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Originally Posted by caymandiver75 View Post
So after more thought and having watched this episode twice more I have come to the following conclusion. I do believe Paul Tracy was giving
it 100% with his comments and the way he was pushing the car as opposed to Tanner who appeared to just be giving it 95% with his lackluster comments and the way he was not pushing the car in manual mode as it should have been.

-Being that the M3 DCT has launch control and is lighter I would give this event win to the M3.

- Because of the gearing the IS-F is not in a good position with this kind of roll on race. The M3 at 60mph is in it's sweet spot in the top end of second gear. The IS-F on the otherhand at 60mph is almost at it's rev limiter in second gear so would most likely have to run from 3rd gear. Win as expected in this situation goes to the M3.

1/2 Mile Sprint
- It's apparent the IS-F was not being pushed 100% or more here. At the start of this event, the camera is in the IS-F and you can see the car shifting automatically and NOT in manual mode where it should have been. There is no reason the IS-F should have lost this event and the win should have gone to the IS-F with the extra torque. For those of you not familiar with the IS-F's transmission, only when the car is in manual sport mode does the transmission lock up the torque converter allowing much faster shifts and higher shift points which typically result in 3/10's improvement in the quarter mile.

Road Course
- This is a drivers race and it could go either way. IS-F or M3

In a nutshell it should have been 2 to 2, but would give the edge to the M3 for these specific events.

Thanks for noting the road course is indeed a driver's race. People who didn't understand racing at all wouldn't have comprehended that way.

But you are misinformed on the torque comment that ISF would have beaten the M3:

if ISF can't beat C63, it's not going to beat M3 DCT.