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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
You can't compare the FSI found on the RS4 with the HPI BMW is using on 335i. It's a completely different technique. It wouldn't be much of a problem to incorparate a FSI like system, but this doe not have to many advantages. BMW's HPI is the second generation of DI, which is the first DI system which brings you a significant better fuel consumption along with higher output. But HPI doesn't like high revs to much. It was difficult enough for BMW to let it work with the 7000 rpm of 335i. So it's very very unlikely that there will be a DI on the M3 V8. Hope that's not a dealbreaker for you.

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Come on the Audi system does not have economy and performance advantages? I don't buy that, can you share some proof? I did indeed hear that the 335i system was pushing the limit at 7k rpm so was not suitable for the M3 redline. It is definitely not a deal breaker for me personally, however, with reagrds to DI and dual clutch it is just disappointing tht BVMW is a bit behind the technology curve.