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Thanks to everyone's replies. I took one out for a test drive today was was very impressed. Felt great, and I can definitely see myself learning the manual side of things using the DCT paddles. In fact, looking forward to that aspect.

The points about considering a 335i are well taken but the M3 really does offer so much more. Superficial stuff like the styling still count when you're looking in this price range, and the overall experience is what I'm looking for. The V8 indeed sounds amazing.

The point of no creep like an automatic was noticed, and I can see it a bit tricky in garages as mentioned, but practice will make perfect.

I do plan eventually to take it onto a track to open her up. I agree it would be a waste not to do this.

So, I'm now 95% sure I'm pulling that trigger. Not even waiting for the 2010's -- I'm taking a bit of a gamble that BMW won't be making a HUGE change in the cabriolet that was fairly recently updated slightly in 2009 (for 2010, I'm hearing maybe LED tail lights or other styling changes I'd bet on but not a fundamental change in the engine or iDrive -- anyone disagree?).

Thanks for everyone's input. The comments have been great.