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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I never fished for negative comments.

You guys just decided to go all negative on me.

What did I do?

I posted a link to a website that has women's clothing (specifically Asian oriented ones).
I like Asian women (as many of you know), and even mentioned in my 1st post that I have the "Asian plague"

And I mentioned that I like some of them, with the (IMO) obvious notion that I would like my girl to wear them.

What was everyone's reaction?

"I can't believe you've done this"
"Wtf is this"
etc etc

Did I fish for negative comments? No I did not. Did I receive negative comments? Yes I did.
Were negative (as well as rude/disgusting/etc) tags created towards me? Yes.
However, instead of getting angry and etc, I stayed cool and laughed it off as I know that is how people in OT are (brutal).

I must ask:
What made it so everyone jumped on the negative bandwagon and continued responding etc?
I personally don't mind as it is entertaining, but I am truly curious.

I am not "fishing" for negative comments, I never was. But, instead of fighting, I took a more humorous approach.
I can honestly tell you though, that due to my own personal actions in the past, if some of what has happened in OT (not really this particular thread) happened in real life, I know I wouldn't have taken a humorous approach.
But I realize that what happens on the internet is much different than what happens in real life; though I do admit I used to get really fired up when I first join bimmerpost.
holy essay, batman!