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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Well I was pissed off and just slammed the sub in the garbage that was right next to me.

You're trying to help, but they dont need your help. Like they are living like that by personnal choice. That I can respect, but the guy was begging for money for food when I got in the sub place; I thought about skipping a step and giving him the food directly.

I understood that the money wasnt for food. Even his dog would had enjoyed that sub. But no; against his values.
Yeah, you'd be surprised how much pan handlers make as well, they aren't exactly starving in the major cities. It's the homeless who don't beg and are sick that are the ones that need the help. There was a story about some bums that were living in nice condos downtown toronto a few years back. They were doing so well they could afford nice places.