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Originally Posted by koastal View Post
Strayed over here from the 1 series forum and was wondering if some of the guys / gals would be interested in a 1m - 135 v M3 - 335 trackday.

Well known fact that all 1 series owners aspire to M3 or M5 ownership when they grow up, so could potentially be a bit of fun.

Yes I know that 1 series guys / gals have nothing to loose but after the awesome day organized by daviddee I was hoping some track addiction had bitten.

I would like to invite the M5 guys as well but am too scared of their intellectual responses..

Most appropriate venue is Queensland raceway.
Expecting nil response but hoping to be pleasantly surprised

There is another one organised for March. Not sure if you can hold out until then. We are starting to get into the hot part of the year now so not everyone wants to track their cars in the heat. The heat puts a lot more stress on pretty much everything.