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Originally Posted by picus View Post
There are cons to each system; we could talk about it for hours, literally. Probably best not to bother here, though.
Quite correct.

In Canada no one waits for urgent surgery, unfortunately in some markets (especially urban), people do wait for non-emergency surgery.

In the US people still wait-not everyone with insurance has the same access-some insurance plans are better than others.

Hospitals in older US cities (NY, Boston, etc.) look exactly the same as in Mtl or Toronto. Hospitals in newer urban areas are more modern in both jurisdictions and outside urban centers in both cases access to health care can be spotty, especially access to specialists.

I am lucky enough that I would be able to afford the top insurance for my familly, but despite that I am still glad to live here over all-and no our system is not perfect, but neither is the US one.

To the poster who still believes that the ideological principles of your founding fathers are applied to the letter - please don't ever come here to free us......

I am not a US hater, far from it I often spend a lot time defending the US in social circles, I just don't like it when people whip out their stereotypical self serving arguments. And if anyone thinks we are socialist but the US is not, the budget per beneficiary for Medicaid and food stamps is greater than here. You want to know what socialism is (as opposed to communism), go to Finland (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I think people should be carefull when throwing out ideas and arguments about countrries - like religion and politics it often touches a sensitive nerve.

For the information of all of our US friends, we Canadians love our country too
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