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JFK, God bless him, is spinning in his grave now. Anyway, not much real freedom in the Police country...
What is the police country?
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First one -- he stole. Gore beat him by more than 1M votes, but the Electoral Vote in FL was stolen.

Second one...shows something...after all...about us -- the Americans....
There is a record of the same happening before, it's not stealing the election, thats' how the system works.
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Now, where did you get that great idea that now all of them pour to the USA for care??? A few maybe, but far from any reasonable percentage.
As for the same analogy, we go to freikin Thailand for some procedures because it is cheaper and because of our great HMOs...
See below.
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I think what FirstClass was saying is that when a Canadian citizen can not get in to a Canadian health care facility quickly enough they are often sent to the U.S for care, since the U.S has a much larger base of hospitals. For example, when my mother had chemotherapy she was sent to Buffalo because Hamilton, the only Southern Ontario hospital with a chemo center at the time, was booked 27 months out (and she'd have been long gone before then). The Canadian government still pays the bill (at a much higher cost, of course).
That's exactly the point I was making. 27 months booked up. That's the problem with government run healthcare. In the US either you or your insurance pays for it but you get it as soon as you and your doctor want.
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shit, if i had that kind of money id buy a gtstreet for monday, an ascari a10 for tuesday, a DBS for wednesday and id just ride jessica alba the rest of the week.