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Originally Posted by vq352k View Post
Do you know about the one day cheat you are suppose to have??? can't really find much info about it...????
I have noted the Cheat Day in many diet plans. In theory it servers two purposes. One, it gives everyone a day to aim for to cheat. If you try to stay on too strict of a diet for too long, you might crack or cheat to much. But if all week, you avoid cheating, knowing you're going to cheat one day, then its better then cheating every day.

The second purpose is that it can, under the right diet boost your metabolism for a short period. The theory being the extra calories will make your body burn faster for a short period.

However, If you are under a really low cal diet that’s pushing you into starvation mode, come cheat day you will probably store most the cheat food as fat, basically countering all the work you put in during the week. But if you’re running a healthy diet, then one day over your daily caloric intake won’t affect you long run.

For me, I noted previously that I eat between 2.0 – 2.2k calaories a day for 6 days. When I am pretty sure I am burning around 2.7k a day. So on my cheat day, I might take in 3.3k and in theory cancelling out one of the pervious days. This leaves me with a net 5 days at minus 500 calories.

In addition, always work out on the day you cheat, before you cheat. This will, even if your enjoying some unhealthily foods, mentally motivate you to cheat in moderation.

But like all things, moderation is key. If you pound away 2k+ calories above your daily calories burn, you will seriously hurt your cause.