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Originally Posted by second_2_nun View Post
nice.. john yea kenny is like a dork but man he put a clinic on roger! i need to check your boy bao when he fights. Man I lost money on the brock lesnar fight i can't believe herring got pwned that bad! lesnar will never be champ he needs to fight someone legit he hasn't earned shit yet
I wouldn't say never, but definately the guy has a long way to go. We're talking about someone who just recently, about only a year of training in mma, fighting a season(11+years of training) fighter here, who you say is not legit?? Herring is as legit as it comes. It's obvious you never trained in your life so you have no idea what it takes to be a fighter, it's not like that movie where you pickup mma in 2 months and become champ. Good thing is brock won and his next opponent looks like it will be another standup fighter, my guess cheick kongo.
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