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Originally Posted by redduck1 View Post
I've driven a ZR1 and many C6 Z06's and even heavily modded Z06's. For me, a super car has to have the speed and most importantly the ability to control that speed. Corvettes are fast but don't handle like Porsches. Corvettes lack the feel of the drive, they're all about brute speed and that's about it.
You crack me up with statements like this. Just because you can't control a Corvette Z06 doesn't mean that better drivers can't. I see more C5 Z06 and C6 Z06s on the track then any other car. Sure they are more difficult to drive as they take good skill in application of throttle whereas some other cars with less power allow you to just romp the throttle coming out of every corner. I truly believe a $62k brand new Z06 and especially the older C5 Z06 the poor man's super car, but poor is always a relative term. I don't consider anyone buying a new GT-R or ZR1 to be anywhere near a poor man.
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