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Originally Posted by niko View Post
In November of 09 I made my order for the M3 2010 and i got $3,000 off MSRP,I order the car,but since the dealership I buy my cars they got 2 M3 2010 for more than 3 months , I made an offer of $5,000 off MSRP and they accepted my offer,there's no catch ! Sometimes if better to wait,because I got 6.9% and now I can get 3.9%
So you got it for $1000 over invoice. I get 0% APR through my bank on all my cars. They just require I put about 150K in a non-interest-bearing account. Works out great. They in return get the interest on my money and I don't have to tie up all my money in the car. Then can take the remaining and invest with a 20% return

Anyways back to topic, yes try to get less than invoice if you can but dont low ball the dealer. Invoice for an M3 is still a good deal. I really dont care what the 2011 m3 has seeing as that I went for coil overs and a my own wheels there's no benefit in the 2011 for most people.
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