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OP - two things you might try are:

1). Bleed the clutch slave cylinder. Maybe you have some air trapped in there when the car was built by humans.

2). Have the trans fluid level checked. Maybe your dealer did not put enough trans fluid in at the 1,200 mile service. ? (maybe they can change it again for you.) Also... check to make sure the correct BMW fluid was used. I think it should be MTF-LT-3 ? IF that all checks out... you might try switching to RedLine's D4 ATF, it has been known to be smoother on shifting, esp cold shifts. BG's Synchro Shift is also a good product - but I have not used it in a BMW before.

Your car is still new so I would say have your dealer try to fix it before you start putting in different non BMW fluids. Maybe they will bleed your clutch for you? I just thought I would give you some suggestions - other than tell you you don't know how to shift gears - when cearly you do!