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Rear Tyre Wear Issue


Just thought I would ask a question about rear tyre wear on my 09 M3 6MT E90 to see if anyone has seen anything similar.

I've noticed over the last two months that the car has been getting very tail happy (even at 70mph in 3rd gear in a straight line) and looking at the tyres its obvious that the right hand side rear tyre has considerably more wear than the left hand side rear tyre.

I was planning on changing both tyres when either of them got down to a couple of mm's of tread left (still well above the legal minimum - neither tyre is bald) however at the weekend whilst driving at a steady 60mph in traffic - a number of warnings appeared indicating that DSC, ABS etc where all disabled.

Having had the car checked - the error was generated by the wheel speed sensors because the right hand side rear tyre was spinning faster than the left hand side - due to the reduced tread giving a smaller circumference causing a discrepancy to be identified by the sensor and then throwing up the warnings.

Having changed both tyres its clear that despite the original tyres being fitted at the same time, same miles etc and no track work - there is 3mm of tread difference between the two (the left hand side tyre is only half worn unlike the right hand side) - there is no unusal wear on either tyre (i.e. the tread is worn evenly across the whole tyre on both sides) - just one tyre has worn out probably 50% quicker than the other.

The warnings have gone - but the car is due to be looked at by BMW to see if they can figure out why one tyre would wear out much faster than the other (both conti's). Anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause it (can say its probably not driver related - most of the miles have been cruising on a motorway)? I just dont want to go through the same thing again in a few thousand miles.

Anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions as to what would cause it?


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