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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
How exactly is it a fallacy? What is false?

Yes, the pro-gun Jews then would have been turned to ashes. But, with no such risk today, and the memory of what happened still fresh in their minds when they look at the tattoos they were given in the camps, why wouldnt the surviving Jews today (or Spanish, etc) advocate strongly for more gun ownership. I know you are talking about the US constitution, but doesnt it make you wonder at all why those groups are not as concerned about owning a gun, when they have more reason to be?

I dont know if you have the opportunity to talk to many non-Americans from around the world. If you do, you'd likely find that most of them dont feel "punished" by their gov when their ability to own guns is more tightly regulated. Their bad guys ignore the laws anyways of course, cause that's what bad guys do. And yet, despite the lower risk of encountering return fire, bad guys are still far less likely to shoot you in those places. I wonder why that is ?

I guess a lot of the pro-gun people dont share my curiosity for that at all, for some reason.... The only time I would completely ignore looking over my own fence at what others might be doing, even to just try and learn from them, is if I became convinced that I enjoyed an exclusive monopoly on common sense.
Have you ever lived in another country? Just curious.

Most of these countries you're speaking of don't have that many people old enough to remember having freedom with firearms or accessibility to them. So sure, asking some 20 year old German kid if he cares to own a rifle is probably going to get you a pretty apathetic response.

I'm sure if I asked my neighbors when I was stationed there for four years if they would give up their guns they'd throw a fit. They were avid hunters who used semi-auto hunting rifles for deer. But who knows, they should just be lumped in with the criminals as well.

Look up the US Air Force bus that was shot up by some lunatic living in Germany a few years ago. Wait, don't bother looking it up:

Oh, but that stuff doesn't happen in countries with tough gun laws, huh?
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