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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
No one is concerned with gang violence right now. What they are worried about, as shown by the kids behind the POTUS, is mass shootings where people who live in lower crime areas and are law abiding are involved. Thats all they care about. They want to take anything away from law abiding citizens so that criminals and those with bad intentions have a harder time getting firearms.
But taking away one particular type of gun doesn't solve the problem. A shooter's access to an AR-15 isn't the reason why so many people died, nor was it the reason he chose to shoot people. If that particular gun never existed, this would have happened with a pistol. Let's not forget, he had two of them on him as well. It takes a couple of seconds to reload a gun so the size of the magazines also doesn't matter one bit.

I grew up one town away from Newtown and my coworker's girlfriend was in the school and escaped and another coworker of mine went on a date a few weeks earlier with Vicki Soto. I'm pretty close to this tragedy, however I don't see how this legislation addresses the problem one iota.

If you don't want people to seek this type of carnage as a means to their infamy, don't give it to them! I think the media is largely responsible for this particular type of crime. If you're a nobody and you do something like this, you know full well that your name and picture will be all over the news - thus giving you EXACTLY what you're seeking... Infamy. My suggestion is to forget the shooter ever existed. Don't put their name on TV. Don't show their picture. Just let them rot in the hole of anonymity from which they were trying to climb.

Does this image not resonate with anyone?

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