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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post

And yet no such tyrrany has occurred in places like Australia or Canada in over 200 years either
That's an argument formed from fallacy. It assumes that because it hasn't happened in another country, that you can assume it wouldn't happen here.

There are numerous countries that have started off as democratic that eventually became tyrannical. It happened to France in the 19th century, it happened in Spain in the 20th century, it happened in Germany in the 1930s, it happened in Italy, it happened in Japan, and it happened in the Phillipines in the 80s. In fact one of Ferdinand Marcos's first orders as a dictator of the country was to command the populace to turn in all firearms to government officials within 30 days or risk DEATH as a punishment.

Why would a dictator ask its populace to disarm?

Laws have to be calibrated to solve problems, not created to sooth fears. If they want more control over who is sold guns, more mental health checks, and more strict background checks, fine. But to ban weapons and punish law abiding citizens for the actions of one deranged psychopath who was on prescription pharmaceutical drugs? That's not law making, that's fear mongering.

I for one won't shit on the Constitution because some liberal thinks it's going to garner votes in some future election. The Constitution was formed by a group of people who would find this type of knee jerk legislation tyrannical, and this document is the basis for which this country was formed. Attempting to weaken the words within, or out right erase it is an act of treason.
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