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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
When 75% of gun deaths are caused by gang violence in inner cities, it's hard to take this type of legislation seriously. How can they possibly think that this will have an impact when the overwhelming majority of the deaths are caused by guns that are already illegal?!? Guns are already nearly entirely banned in NYC, yet murders still occer, albeit largely contained within certain demographics. Also, as a % of all gun deaths in NY state last year, less than 1% of them were with a long gun (they don't specify beyond rifle/pistol). What a fucking joke. I am so sick of hearing "we have to get these semi-automatic guns off the street!" They don't seem to realize that they've been around since 1883 and that even a revolver is a semi-automatic weapon. They seem to think it's another word for a machine gun (i.e. fully auto). I'm so sick of listening to these dummies and their misinformation!
No one is concerned with gang violence right now. What they are worried about, as shown by the kids behind the POTUS, is mass shootings where people who live in lower crime areas and are law abiding are involved. Thats all they care about. They want to take anything away from law abiding citizens so that criminals and those with bad intentions have a harder time getting firearms.