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Originally Posted by JR M3 View Post
Definitely take a look at the Auto Finesse line and Chemical Guys. They make great products.

Some of my favorites
Wash: Sonax gloss shampoo, wool wash mitt
Decontamination: iron-x, Auto Finesse citrus
Polish: AF Tripple
Sealant: AF Tough coat
Wheel cleaner: Sonax Full effect
Glass cleaner: Sprayaway glass cleaner (very cheap and works really well and leaves no streaks)
Tire shine: AF satin
Wax: Pinnacle Souveran or AF Desire

I usually order between Autogeek and Detailer Domain. They always have really good deals especially now with the holidays. Just a tip: sign up for their emailing lists, they usually give coupons and merchandise credit for new members

Thanks for the useful info. and tips, just what I was looking for. Would you mind telling me how often you use the products above? i.e. wash, polish products every week and then sealant and wax only every 6 months, etc. Just curious how often I really should be doing any of this stuff. I don't want to over do it.