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Exterior Car Care Products List, Opinions Needed

I would like to know the basic products I should have to maintain the exterior of my car between details.

*I will not buy an orbital, and will do everything by hand
*I plan to clean my car with the two bucket system but at a self wash place
*I will not clay the car because I do not trust my skills to do so
*I will have someone professionally detail it every 12 months

My planned products which I'm open to suggestions on if A) Missing something basic B) Different product for better value / cost efficiency. I'm not a nutter for perfection, I'd prefer products that do a "good" job in as little time possible. No fuss.


  • Car Wash Soap - 1Z Einzslett W99
  • Decontamination - ??? IronX? Wolf Decon Gel? Not sure really.
  • Quick Polish Between Details - Auto Finisse Triple ? I don't like the idea of fillers, but no clue on other ones. I thought Mezerna, but looks like you need an orbital to apply correctly.
  • Paint Sealant and Wax (once every 3 months)- Einzslett Glanz
  • Wheel Cleaner - Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
  • Wheel Sealant - Armor All Wheel Sealant