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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
You not need to worry about my Flickr and work you've seen on here to justify this or any other purchase of mine thanks. This isn't for shits n giggles on the forums where little to no effort is put forth. Shooting commercially for pay is a different story. If I wanted an opinion of if you thought I was good enough to deserve one I would have asked that instead.

Sorry not trying to get overly defensive or anything but my Flickr is about 1/10th of my work and that's because the other 9/10ths I'm too busy to show or not allowed to post publicly.

Either way this comment is totally irrelevant, I'm looking for technical info/opinions not critiques.

no need to apologize, but just wondering what you mean... your flickr at your website post the same work. how is it that you get new clients if you're only showing 1/10th of your work? just wondering out of curiosity
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