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Originally Posted by Echo M3 View Post
Really? The only corner I miss is Bridge, but the new turn 1/turn 2 section kind of makes up for it. This layout also gives you a second genuine overtaking spot.

In my opinion, in comparison to other circuit revisions, this new layout is an actual improvement, at least. The one that still irks me the most is Hockenheim; they ruined one of the iconic circuits in the world, and turned it into a kart track.
The new layout may be more fun for spectators but is less fun to drive.

But I agree with you on the Hockenheim redesign being a tragedy. It was the equivalent of knifing a supermodels face, and then burning her on top of that just to destroy any remaining vestige of beauty. A desecration of a work of art.

The new hockenheim ring is so bad, they should move the German grand prix back to Nurburgring.