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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
As someone who has purchase two accident cars from all I can say is you get what you pay for and I mean that in the positive way. i bought an 08' Z4M and my current E93. both had carfax accident history. I had both checked out professionally and my body shop guy said work was minor, non structural and no issue for using the car. So you get the car cheaper now, and when you go to sell you get less money as well. for me I was very happy to get mine for $41,999 last December.
If this car checks out then I'm gonna keep it and drive it until the wheels fall off! Do you know if offleaseonly gets their cars at some type of "accident history" car auctions? I'd like to believe what some of the salesmen say, but after having spoken to some of them about the same car, it's obvious some of them are making stuff up. For example, the carfax shows that the car was sold in early april and then it shows that it was at the dealership again in May. I called them to ask what was up with that and then said that it was sold without proper financing, and that it had nothing with it being a "bad car." When I asked another salesman about it, he said that they have no record as to why, and said it was probably just a computer error. This seems awfully suspicious to me...

I think maybe someone returned the car because of problems, has anyone ever seen anything like this before?