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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
GOD I miss my car. I am now pushing a bright red E90 328i with NO tints and I hate it. Looks like a teenage girl's car. #overexposed
If the dealer's going to have our car an extended period of time, see if they're willing to put you in something a little more comfortable?

Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
WOW - just got a call from my SA - the type you hope not to get. The lower joint part is back-ordered from germany and won't be here for 8 days! That's especially frustrating since this is phase I of the repair. If it doens't fix the probelm, I will be looking at a similar type wait for a steering column most likely.

Any special concerns about the dealership having my car for several weeks???
I would say I've heard that half a dozen times. Generally, my dealer has asked me if I want my car back in the interim. Because they don't need my car while they wait for a replacement subwoofer, air intake sensor, etc. Did they break something during the joint take-off that prevents them from putting it back together so you can drive it as-is? Or are they worried about additional damage to the car if you continue to drive it..?
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