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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Jon it's probably time to ask you straight up. Are you still getting a commission from selling G-Power kits? The people reading this forum has a right to know if you still have a financial stake in these kits.
LOL don't even start bud. I've never made a $1.00 off the G-power at anypoint in my life where do you get your info from you should drop that source real quick Its about as off as all the previous assumptions you've made about me makes for a good laugh though.

Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
And there are just as many people who would like to know the full details of your relationship with RDSport, especially considering that you're a moderator.

Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
Do you have parental consent to be here? I didn't think 12 year olds were allowed here.

-No full bolt-on M3 has ever pulled away from me, and I always substantially pull from them, whether coupe or sedan, NVM an E93.
-A stock E60 M5 could not pull away from me, in a CEC Miami meet.
-4-5 CL's on what seemed to be a modded non-Z06 Corvette in a 80-160 mph pull.
-4-5 CL's on JEMarsal's stock E90 M3(no passanger, I had a passanger, and my car is a vert, in a 15-85mph pull.
-JEMarsal's friend witnessed a pull against S/C'ed modded Cobra w/no passanger, while I had a passanger in my car , in a 15-85mph I was ahead by 1/4 CL.

I do have a 3.62 diff with salisbury 3 disk carrier and variable ramps also, in case those results do not compute in you undeveloped brain.

NVM the gains the RS46 has while running 100 gas.

You've never seen my car perform as it is now, or before for that matter, others have.

And you think you know why I'm selling my car better than I do? You are completely clueless.

HAHAHA... "You spent all that money on your stroker and its still slower then my car WITHOUT the G-power thats gotta hurt" When you grown up, if you find the right audience, you should be a comedian.
LOL LOL LOL LOL Street dreams are made of these...