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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
When the first 2 G-Powered M3s in the US blow their motors, the owners suddenly want to part out and sell their cars afterwards although G-Power "fixed the tune", owners act as if a blown motor and 5 month repair wait time is part of the deal, blown M3 owners advertise their G-Power S/C for sale with results performed on another car; never having acheived such results themselves and portraying the results as their raises alot of questions.

Its okay though Jon, goodluck with car/the sale. I'm not gonna continue this thread jack here.
LOL seriously? Instead of wondering about me and my car/g-power s/c you should talk to RD sport so they can make your car worth talking about after all you spent twice as much as I did so you should get your money worth. You spent all that money on your stroker and its still slower then my car WITHOUT the G-power thats gotta hurt. Sounds like you've been had worse then me maybe you should complain and make a big deal and stomp your feet like you expect me to do. You know full well you're selling your car because its not what you expected it to be so STFU. My motor blowing has shit to do with me wanting to sell my car and or not wanting reinstall my S/C right away.