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I'm working out with Top Racing as well to see what they can do...

My sales never worked out at even your parts are from US/Euro...we will NOT install them...i was like wtf...i got it right off from tunermotorsport that directly got it off from official BMW...

so i'm going for top racing...and asking them to see what they can do..coz i got it cheap before the crisis and the dollar and euro gap...

so how much they charge you fro the whole ericsson pipe and exhasut? what's the wait time on them?

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Well I got bot Gruppe M intake + Amuse Ericsson exhaust from Top Racing, well to be truth i didn't shop around but their price are cheaper than buying in US. I just got my Gruppe M intake install, and my Ericsson Ti exhaust arrive but they are not able to install it because the end of the exhaust on the oem is different, so I need to install the buy the front ti pipe also(not the ti header) so i'm still waiting on that, but i love my Gruppe M it is very nice, the sound of it is much meaner, and also about the performance steering wheel, once you find a place that will install it for you tell me, or try this, call the service manager Frankie Tang in Shatin, he was the one helped me out with the new software for DCT and he did me a favor when i order my M3 i ask that they can only tow the car from the port to their service center, so when i got my car, i only have 10km on it, so try contacting him, he is nice better than those useless FxxK in Kwoloon, they sucks and have bad manners. Because i want to get that wheel also but only worry about installation. Good luck to you